Monday, January 23, 2017

Mamaks da best

Mathematician asks:  How to write 4 in between a 5?

China man replied: Is this a Joke?

Japan man exclaimed:  Impossible

American man said:  The question's wrong!!

British man snorted: Rubbish !!
Mamak wrote:  F(IV)E

This is the reason you find Mamaks everywhere in the world in finance, business, medicine, engineering & arts...anything to do with optimising your brain!!

British: Can you swim?
Mamak: No
British:  Then a dog is better than you because it can swim.
Mamak: _Can you swim?
British: Yes!!
Mamak: Then what's the difference between you & the dog?

British shocked, faints!!
Mamak Rocks! 👍 😜

European:  Why do all you Mamaks come in different colors?

Look at us, we are all white.

Mamak: Horses too come in different colors but donkeys are all the same!!!